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Crystal Reports 9 Professional Complete Solution Suite For: IT Professionals, including MIS, Analysts, Report Developers, DBA's. It includes report design, productivity and data connectivity tools for powerful content creation.

Quickly transform almost any data into powerful, interactive content. Tightly integrate report creation, modification and viewing capabilities into .NET, Java and COM applications. Let end users access and interact with reports via portals, wireless devices and Microsoft Office documents. Selected by more than 300 M partners for its visionary reporting technology and honored with virtually every industry award for reporting, Crystal Reports is a proven, innovative leader designed to address even the most complex reporting challenge.

  • Powerful productivity tools for faster report design and easier maintenance 
  • Unicode Support: Deliver data stored in virtually any language. Include multiple languages in a single report 
  • Unlimited SQL Commands: Edit any SQL directly from within Crystal Reports 
  • Custom Data: Access custom data through COM data providers and JavaBeans 
  • Database Query Engine: Support multiple data sources in a single report. More control over join types 
  • Desktop and OLE DB Data Sources: Act!, ASCII, Btrieve, Clipper, dBase, Microsoft (Access, Excel, Outlook), 
  • Enterprise Database Servers: DB2 family, Informix, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, ODBC 
  • Other Sources: OLAP (Essbase, DB2 OLAP, Holos, HDC, MS OLAP, MS SQL Server 7 OLAP), Lotus Notes, FoxPro, 
  • Report Designer: Rotated text, fractional font size, hyperlinks, format editor, add shapes and lines, underlay sections, objects, parameters, formula language, user-defined functions, display string support 
  • Customizable Templates: Standardize formatting across multiple reports 
  • Repository: Store key objects in a central library for reuse and sharing 
  • Flexible design technology for complete control over data access and presentation 
  • Report Parts: Provide access to key parts of existing reports via portals and wireless devices 
  • Guided Navigation: Establish specific navigation paths between report objects within the same or different reports 
  • Formula Workshop: Develop and maintain formulas in one place. Includes codeless Wizard, error tracking and auto complete 
  • Custom Functions: Extract and reuse business logic from formulas 
  • OLAP: Improved interactivity including drill down, parameterized filter and page dimensions 
  • Report Types: subreports, conditional, summary, cross-tab, form, drill down, OLAP, Top N, multiple details, mailing labels 
  • Report Experts and Wizards: Design reports step-by-step, from data connection to field and record selection to sorting to grouping and more 
  • Microsoft Access and Excel Add-Ins: Create reports directly from within Microsoft Access or Excel 
  • Analysis Tools: Charting, mapping, field highlighting, running totals, Top N, Bottom N, sorting, alerting, and hyperlinks 
  • Side-by-side Installation: Install on the same machine as previous versions of Crystal Reports 
  • Rich developer SDKs and embeddable report server for tight integration into enterprise web applications 
  • Interactive Report Viewers: Customizable, advanced viewers-Java and DHTML-with zooming, advanced search, exporting and more 
  • Exports: PDF, XML, DHTML (HTML 4.0), Word, Excel-rich format and data only, RTF, Lotus 1-2-3, text, email and more 
  • Developer Tools: Report Designer Component (RDC), Crystal Report Engine API, ActiveX (OCX/OLE) Control, Client Viewers 
  • Royalty-free Runtime License for hundreds of properties, methods and events 
  • Report Viewing and Modification APIs 
  • Report Creation APIs 
  • Report Application Server for Web Integration and Distribution ePortfolio Lite: Provide on-demand access to reports via out-of-the-box web interface 
  • Support for Microsoft Smart Tags: Share key report objects via Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word documents 
  • Wireless Access: Provide access to key report content via WML phones, RIM Blackberry devices, Compaq and iPAQs 
  • Report Viewing SDKs (Java, .NET and COM) 
  • Maximize IT efficiency by reusing report components including bitmaps, custom functions, and SQL commands across multiple reports 
  • Report Creation and Modification SDKs (Java, .NET and COM) 
  • Try out Crystal's web distribution technology by providing small workgroups with access to reports via the Web 
  • Transform data from almost any data source-including XML, relational, OLAP and enterprise-into interactive, powerful content 
  • Let end users access and interact with reports via portals, wireless devices and Microsoft Office documents-without extra IT overhead 
  • Free runtime redistribution of thick-client applications 
  • Includes basic processing capabilities for providing small teams with on-demand access to reports via the Web. To increase scalability to support a larger user base, upgrade to the Advanced Edition 
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